The Maintenance Assessment District and Enhance La Jolla provide benefits for all property owners in the Village, whether they are residential, commercial, public, or non-profit owners.

Local Control and Civic Pride

  • A Maintenance Assessment District gives the community the ability to privately fund and construct projects that improve the Village.
  • This structure ensures that ongoing maintenance services will not be dependent on the City’s budget constraints, and that the services respond to the needs of the property owners that are assessed.
  • Enhance La Jolla encourages civic engagement and pride, and allows property owners and other community stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process about what services and projects are implemented.
  • Because Enhance La Jolla is led by La Jolla property owners and other stakeholders, the organization provides a venue in which to foster a sense of community and connection among residents, visitors, property and business owners.

Creating Inviting and Appealing Public Spaces

  • The funds provided through the Maintenance Assessment District enrich the environmental, social and cultural experience of the La Jolla Village by creating and maintaining inviting public spaces designed to bring people together.
  • Increased maintenance enhances the beauty and quality of life in our community by allowing us to provide a higher level of service than the City of San Diego is able to provide.

Property Owner Benefits

  • Property owner assessments are leveraged to generate supplemental funds from the City and private donations.
  • A well-maintained community improves property values for all owners in the Village.
  • Creating attractive public spaces and an enhanced environment makes the area more attractive to residents and visitors and helps local businesses thrive.
  • Investing in the community helps maintain a lifestyle that makes our community special.
  • An ongoing high level of maintenance, along with the ability to implement capital improvements in public spaces ensures that the surrounding environment reflects the quality of the private properties in the district.