Maintenance Assessment District

In November 2016, a Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) was established for the Village by a majority vote of the property owners within the district. Property owners also voted for the MAD to be locally managed by Enhance La Jolla. The MAD did not start operations until September 2019. Enhance La Jolla receives funds generated through property owner assessments and uses them for ongoing efforts to enhance the community, including landscape maintenance, street and sidewalk cleaning, litter and graffiti abatement, and additional trash collection. Enhance La Jolla is responsible for preparing the annual draft budget, retaining contractors, and overseeing and administering the maintenance services.

Property owner assessments were collected as part of property taxes starting in late 2019 and MAD services began October 2019.

Capital Projects Implementation

La Jolla is fortunate to have a generous community that is willing to donate funds to implement improvement and beautification projects in the Village. With the establishment of the Maintenance Assessment District, Enhance La Jolla will have the ability to use private donations to implement projects in public areas (sidewalks, streets, medians) to benefit the community. Potential capital projects could include:

  • New and upgraded trash cans
  • Enhanced signage
  • Streetscape projects
  • Tree canopies
  • Public art

Enhance La Jolla will not seek direct contributions but will work with other non-profits such as the La Jolla Community Foundation to improve the quality of life for all who live, work, and play in the Village of La Jolla.