September 2020 LJ MAD Report


Enhance La Jolla to continue newspaper rack removal and utility box painting


August 2020 LJ MAD Report 


July 2020 Progress Report    August 8, 2020


June 2020 Progress Report  July 7, 2020


Enhance La Jolla names new district manager  July 7, 2020


May, 2020 Progress Report.  June 7, 2020


April, 2020 Progress Report.  May 7, 2020


March, 2020 Progress Report.  April 9, 2020


February, 2020 Progress Report.  March 9, 2020


January, 2020 Progress Report.  February 12, 2020


December, 2019 Progress Report.  January 2, 2020


November, 2019 Progress Report.  December 3, 2019


October, 2019 Progress Report.  November 1, 2019


Enhance La Jolla to finally start enhancing La Jolla.  September 25, 2019


La Jolla MAD gets City Council green light: Enhance La Jolla board meets. July 17, 2019


La Jolla merchants meet Enhance La Jolla district manager.  July 17, 2019


Enhance La Jolla is seeking a qualified District Manager to oversee the special benefit services performed in the district. Applications no longer accepted. A district manager has been hired.


Voters support MAD for La Jolla: City Council ratifies count, Nov. 15


Joe LaCava hired to help expedite the proposed MAD – La Jolla Light, 7/14/16

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Outreach campaign begins for establishing MAD – La Jolla Light, 6/29/16

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Why should La Jolla Village residents get MAD? – La Jolla Light, 5/26/16

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Future of La Jolla Village depends on a MAD – La Jolla Light, 5/19/16

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Letter to Editor: Enhance La Jolla: A forward thinking solution – La Jolla Light, 4/20/16

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Letter to Editor: Why I do support the MAD – La Jolla Light, 4/13/16

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A MAD for La Jolla can transform a community: Bird Rock case study – La Jolla Light, 4/6/16

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Letter to Editor: A MAD is the tool for bringing improvements to the Village all want – La Jolla Light, 4/6/16

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La Jolla Town Council first to support proposed Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) – La Jolla Light, 1/20/16

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Planners hear Community Foundation idea for a MAD – La Jolla Light, 1/13/16

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